The Au was first mentioned as Owe in 1316 as a feudal estate of the Johanniterkomturei Wädenswil. In 1150 it came into the possession of the city of Zurich and belonged to its bailiwick of Wädenswil until 1798. Until the 19th century, the peninsula was covered by oak forests. The Au Consortium, founded in 1911, saved the peninsula from overdevelopment.

The Au estate was acquired by Hans Rudolf Werdmüller in 1651. The vineyard on the Au hill and the small inland lake, the Ausee, also belonged to the estate. The estate was still inhabited later by prominent contemporaries, including the author Mentona Moser (1874-1971), who grew up there with her sister Fanny Moser. Today’s building complex in the style of a baroque hunting lodge dates largely from the 1930s. Today the estate belongs to the Canton of Zurich.

The vineyard, which belongs to the Cantonal Vineyard Museum Au, is one of the last on the southern shore of Lake Zurich. The country inn stands on the highest point of the peninsula.